Overview of Native File Exports

Although Pushpay is not a Church Management Software Program (ChMS/CMS) like Fellowship One for example, we work closely with several programs, and have export options as explained below. 

Native File Exports

We have native-file exports for the following databases: ACS - People SuiteACS - Membership PlusRealmPower ChurchShelby v5Shelby ArenaServant Keeper 7, The CityShepherd's Staff and Logos. With these, you can export transaction data from the Pushpay Admin Area that will import directly into those databases. 

The export option must be specifically configured for your organization and can be found in the Pushpay Admin Dashboard. If it has not been configured, you can use the "ask a question" button to connect with the Partner Care team at Pushpay.

Step by Step Instructions for Existing Admins

  1. Log into your Pushpay account at 
  2. Click Transactions.
  3. Set desired Filters. 
  4. Select the Export button, then choose the desired drop-down option.
  5. The exported file will be downloaded into the default Downloads folder on your computer - It's that easy!

Note:  Option to export "to XLSX (all merchants)" will only be available to Administrators of multiple Pushpay listings (e.g. campuses).

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