Admin Portal Overview

After logging into your Admin account at, you will be presented with the admin dashboard view: 

Here are the main areas of your admin account, all accessed from the dashboard:

DashboardThis is where you will see a spot light of new features, like Virtual Terminal, Weekly Giving Summary, and Funds

Transactions: A list of the most recent transactions for quick reference.

Batch Reconciliation: This allows you to view a batch of transactions, see the total amount deposited into your organization's bank account and identify if a discrepancy has occurred. 

FundsFunds will enable you to manage your giving types and have improved reporting of your funds.

CommunityThis is where you will find information about the people who have given to your church.

RecurringThis is where you can see all the recurring giving schedules that have been setup.

Virtual TerminalA place for manually entering credit card or ACH gifts (ie. from an envelope)

Giving Statements: This new feature will enable you to send your donors end of year tax statements through Pushpay.

Settings: This is where you setup your preferences, giver contact info, ChMS integrations, etc.

Resource Center: This is where you access all of the materials needed for a successful launch of Pushpay in your church.

Help Center: One of the best ways to reach out for support.

Join User Feedback: This is where you can provide feedback directly to the Pushpay product team.


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